Details printed in the Brooklin district of Sao Paulo

Details printed in the Brooklin district of Sao Paulo

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It is the season of the Olympic Games and with them, the desire to travel and to Brazil is felt. So that everyone can visit the country of football and Carnival, we went in search of beautiful apartments and houses. Here, in the heart of the Brooklin district of Sao Paulo, the sober and chic decoration of an apartment is enhanced by pretty printed details. Visit.

Prints in the living room

Oasis Collections In the living room, pretty printed cushions and a colorful table enhance the black and white furniture.

Simplicity in the entrance

Oasis Collections In the small entrance hall, we focus on simplicity. On the walls, a beautiful mouse gray and facing the front door, a gigantic mirror which enlarges the room. Discreet because transparent, a pretty glass console adorns everything.

A classic touch in the dining room

Oasis Collections Overall, the decoration of this Brazilian apartment is resolutely modern. In the dining room, there is a slightly more classic touch with wooden chairs and ecru and taupe fabrics.

From the dining room

Oasis Collections The dining room was, logically, installed between the living room and the kitchen.

The essential serving hatch

Oasis Collections From each room of the apartment, it is easy to take a look at the other spaces. From the kitchen, and thanks to the large serving hatch, you keep in touch with your guests when you receive.

A fully equipped kitchen

Oasis Collections Not necessarily very spacious, the kitchen is nevertheless very well equipped.

Immaculate room…

Oasis Collections In the master bedroom, all the furniture is white or light beige. Only contrast: the beautiful parquet, almost golden.

… Matching bathroom

Oasis Collections The bathroom is also almost entirely white. We can already see ourselves slowly recovering from the Brazilian heat in this beautiful Italian shower.

Children's room

Oasis Collections The small children's room finds all its character in the purple color block details of the bolster and the bedside table. Source: Oasis Collections


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