DIY organizer panels to hang over my desk

DIY organizer panels to hang over my desk

Tired of seeing your supplies, post-it and other small accessories gradually invade your workspace and looking for a decorative and functional solution so that your office is clean and tidy for any occasion? Homemade for a small budget, these 10 DIY organizer panels snapped up on Pinterest might just be THE solution! We explain to you!

Haute couture

Craft hunter What could be better than a diamond-shaped organizer panel to hang your sticky notes on? Easy to make, it will only require a little skill in geometry to reproduce the template. Then you paint it and voila! Source: Craft hunter

Leather storage compartments

Justina Blakeney We fell in love with these attractive and unusual storage compartments designed with the help of round cork trivets, leather and small thumbtacks. Source: The Jungalow

Pegboard way

La Délicate Parenthèse Better than the traditional perforated panel which optimizes storage in the garage and workshops, here is its counterpart for the office: the pegboard. An idea to remember! Source: La Délicate Parenthèse

In black and white

Homey oh my A plywood panel, a little paint and some ropeā€¦ it didn't take much to blogger Amy, founder of the Homey oh my website, to welcome a wall panel to her house! Source: Homey oh my

Cork version

Nina Broberg Long live the cork trivets hanging on the wall! With this idea as brilliant as it is very simple to reproduce the Swedish giant Ikea presents another version of the organizer panel. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Ikea


Sinnen Rausch Spotted on the Sinnen Rausch blog, this organizer panel produced using wooden modules covered with white paint and animal figures will delight young and old. Or how to give new life to our children's toys. Source: Sinnen Rausch


Make my Lemonade On the same principle, the blog Make my Lemonade invites you to adopt this pretty wall panel designed using a board and wooden boxes, a cork plate, a little paint and a small mirror. Simple and efficient ! Source: Make my Lemonade

Retrieve '

Emma Chapman Stop! Do not throw away your old cork stoppers, they could be used to create beautiful objects like this wall organizer panel perfect for keeping, near your workspace, photos, post-it and other notes. Source: A beautiful mess


Belinda Graham / The Happy Home We finish our selection with this pretty graphic and visual wall panel. To achieve this, Belinda of the blog The happy home blog took a cork plate which she painted using masking tape. Pretty cool, right? Source: The happy home blog