The 10 activities that we would like to do but that we always postpone the next day

The 10 activities that we would like to do but that we always postpone the next day

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There are simple little pleasures that we often refuse. The main culprit? Lack of time. But also sometimes, the lack of guts. Because to stroll, relax, assume to rest and think a little about yourself, just about yourself you have to… dare! Summer vacations are perfect for this. We have listed for you 10 sweet and relaxing activities that we always postpone. And that it is imperative to do this summer to escape even without leaving your home.

2. Stroll around town aimlessly

Make My Lemonade Summer is the period that allows us to leave our apartment without a coat and without looking at the weather. It would therefore be silly to deprive yourself of it. Explore (re) discover your city, your neighborhood or, on the contrary, explore new aspects of your environment. Take a stroll in the wind and smile at the passers-by! In a word: enjoy! Source: Make My Lemonade

3. Sort your photos

Bloglovin Sorting is good, it helps to make order around you as much as in your head. Sorting your favorite photos is doubly beneficial because you immerse yourself in delicious moments that you wanted to immortalize. This summer, give yourself this little pleasure! Source: Bloglovin

4. Sleeping in the morning

Treasures and travels The children are with their grandparents, your boss is not around because it is indeed the holidays… Don't hesitate: this is the ideal time not to wake up and dare the fat mat '! We also recommend continuing with a breakfast in bed, just to get up rested and sated! Source: Treasures and travels

5. Call your childhood girlfriend

Maisons du monde You have this unwavering link that nothing can break but it does not prevent that you rarely have time to hear from him… It is time to remedy it! This summer, take advantage of your vacation to pick up the phone and chat with your best friend, your grandmother or your cousin without looking at your watch.

6. Start sewing

Vanina Denizot Couture is back in fashion and all your friends are getting into it. What if summer vacation was the perfect time to take the plunge too? There are now detailed patterns for beginners and you will enjoy making a creation from A to Z with your hands that you can then wear proudly.

7. Receive friends

And god created Since the time that you must return the courtesy to your friends and invite your neighbors so nice. In summer, dare to cook for a big meal! Spend time in the kitchen applying yourself. Make a nice table decoration, put the small dishes in the big ones, buy some flowers, put some music and let the magic of the affinities operate. Join the conversations, chat, have fun, enjoy the moment! Source: And God created

8. Sip a drink alone on the terrace

Vanina Denizot You never dare, always find good reasons to avoid it ... No, we are not talking about an appointment with the dentist but a moment of relaxation and pleasure that many of us sulk about : sit alone, on the terrace, order a coffee and enjoy!

9. Take notes

Vanina Denizot You don't have the soul of a great writer? No big deal! Writing, aimlessly, allows you to take stock of your life and often helps to put things into perspective or even find solutions to the most difficult problems! Clearly, putting our ideas on paper makes us feel good. So, what if you start this summer? But beware, we avoid the computer keyboard and we take a pen and a notebook!

10. Make jam

Chef Nini Among the little pleasures we dream of, there is inevitably homemade jam. It is of course even better when the fruit comes from our garden. This activity, relaxing in addition to being delicious, avoids throwing away these delicious summer fruits so long awaited. In this regard, we have tasted a peach, apricot and rosemary jam that makes you salivate. Source: Chef Nini


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