Urban gardens: 100% in pots!

Urban gardens: 100% in pots!

Not enough room to imagine landscaping in the open ground? A city configuration with paved or concrete floors? Want simplicity and modularity? It is possible to create a real little haven of greenery only with potted plants. Here are our favorite inspirations.

Puffs of pure greenery

Fabuleuse Factory The same spirit in this passage, which is none other than the showroom of the Fabuleuse Factory showroom, the small French company of handcrafted lighting installed in the 14th arrondissement of Paris! Embellished along the entire length of a row of vintage style terracotta pottery, where simple plants grow (geranium, photinia, this secret place is a small Zen corner where it is good to do some cuttings, repottings to recharge as soon as The trick: start with small pots to try your hand at city gardening, and harmonize by arranging them so as to echo the large subjects already in place in the ground. //www.fabuleuse-

Ground floor with view

FREAKSarchitecture Without a clear view of the horizon, in the city, potted plants can create a welcome chlorophyll bubble. From the inside, a simple look at this natural composition provides well-being and joy. So, in summer, offer a fresh air cure to your cacti and other indoor plants - along a wall, they will be ideally protected from drafts. The trick: if possible, remove some paving stones to plant a fig, vine or actinidia plant for example; their branches and lianas will colonize walls and balconies to create a green garland that will remain annually, even when your fragile plants have returned to the shelter during the winter. //

The pots at the pros

Flower Lacking inspiration to organize your "100% potted garden" and know which plants to choose? Take a curious look at the specialists: florists, garden centers, landscapers ... You will certainly find inspiration there. See how beautiful this window of the new Flower delivery sign is! Imitate for example this composition of roses, montana clematis, hydrangeas, maple trees, ferns, mimosa pudica, dipladénias associated with hazelnut trees and locust trees with tortuous trunks. The trick: if the configuration of your interior allows it, stage potted plantings both outdoors and indoors behind the windows, while harmonizing the colors of the flowers and their containers. //

A flowered shelf

Flower Another perspective, still at Flower: take up the concept of the flowered shelf, too. Campanulas, small roses, cyclamen, jasmine, ivy, petunias, oxalis, hydrangeas, columbines and other miniature daffodils offer a palette of greens and roses that are particularly easy to display in pots. The trick: while choosing the same format that will homogenize the whole, vary the styles of pots. Some vintage terracotta pots covered with moss, others in colorful zinc, country chic spirit, in stone or even in bark of wood… Result: a "wall" of flowery greenery to be installed on a facade in partial shade, in front of your home for example!

Green terrace

Meero Anthony Acciari - The terraces of landscaped olive trees On the ground floor, like at the very top of a building, potted plants allow you to create real little surprise gardens. To create the effect of a real hanging garden, plant in very large pots pines, oleanders, eucalyptus, Mexican orange trees (choisya ternata) and agapanthes which, after a few years, will be dense and beautiful effect! The trick: the green wall, this "new generation pot", is an additional asset in the landscaping of this wooden terrace. Ferns, helxine, chlorophytum, Japanese iris, sedge, lysimachia, bacopa and star jasmine form a vertical carpet in relief that echoes the potted plants opposite. //

Colorful vegetable patch

Castorama Small red peppers, physalis, peaches and other cultural treasures are perfectly suited to a situation in pots. Match the color of the pots with the color of the plants and berries you want to plant there! The trick: have flashy pots and more discreet pots in close proximity to achieve a balanced composition. The combination of bright red and anthracite is a great idea to take up. Keep this color code over the years and new plantings!

Mediterranean ambiance

Jardiland The potteries signed Deroma, the potteries of Albi and Goicoechea are the must-have gardens 100% in "natural" pots. Offering all styles of models, these specialists excel in pottery in raw or enameled terracotta, even XL, which perfectly highlight olive trees, crassulas, mandarin trees, palm trees, boxwood and aloe vera. A lush garden is possible even in pots! The trick: to give character to this set, place these large pots on low walls of different levels, in a strategic location in the garden or on the terrace.

Garden elsewhere

Truffaut The pots offer the possibility of importing "gardens from elsewhere", daydreams of warm countries. In containers made of natural materials in earth and clay tones, large palm trees and various cacti create a setting conducive to relaxation, riad version. The trick: combine the terracotta pots with woven leaf baskets of all sizes, and multiply the varieties of cacti and palm trees… a change of scenery guaranteed!

Contemporary composition

Jardiland Plants with large leaves such as banana trees, maple trees and fatsia japonica also combine very well with contemporary pots in anthracite tones, and in modern materials such as concrete or plastic. Also slide some lower, bushy plants in different shades of green, such as sedges, koeleria or miscanthus. The trick: staying in the same colors, combine the containers with curved, straight shapes and presenting material effects, which you will place on the floor and on small tables of different heights. The plus: paint a wall the same color as that of the pots to complete the atmosphere!

Mini garden in pots

Jardiland Surf the trend of plant bars by setting up a mini-corner of greenery at home, indoor or outdoor version, easy to maintain and move if necessary. Small succulents are ideal for this kind of table! The trick: accentuate the overall rendering by selecting plants that are really very different from each other aesthetically.