Design office spaces, welcoming to animals

Design office spaces, welcoming to animals

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Founded by two passionate brothers, the American company Kurgo has completely redesigned its premises in partnership with Leed Containers. Specialist in the design and sale of dog accessories, the company has chosen to redesign its offices to allow its employees to come and work with their dogs by offering them a suitable and pleasant environment. Result? Premises punctuated by orange containers, a welcoming decor for dogs, total freedom for animals and a dose of humor that delights employees. Visit in images of an extraordinary company which understood that well-being at work was synonymous with creativity!

A caravan in an office

Kurgo Here, we work in open space but we can also isolate ourselves… in a superb vintage caravan! Simple materials such as metal and wood were favored and emphasis was placed on the well-being of employees as well as their four-legged friends.

A country open space

Kurgo Designed to reconcile professional activity and the development of pets, this open space has been designed in the form of small wooden boxes, partitioned by a gate. A slightly rustic atmosphere that seems to delight everyone in the office!

A panoramic meeting room

Kurgo We like this container revisited in the meeting room. Perched on the first floor, it has glass partitions that offer a panoramic view of the offices (and therefore of the animals). The decor combines solid wood, colorful Scandinavian chairs and corrugated iron from the ceiling, creating a very contemporary and urban atmosphere.

A slide at the office is possible!

Kurgo If the animals are pampered here, their masters are too. Always in a playful spirit and conducive to creativity, Kurgo installed a metal slide. It is reminiscent of the playgrounds of our childhood, but also allows you to run quickly after the meeting to take a break with the doggies on the ground floor.

Cohabitation in complete freedom

Kurgo In these atypical premises, handlers and dogs can now spend their day together, in their office as well as during breaks in the furnished space on the ground floor. An ideal model for this company which endeavors to develop products specifically intended for the happiness of dogs and their owners!

A bar for dogs!

Kurgo During the construction of the premises, nothing was forgotten for the happiness of the animals. They have their own water fountain to quench their thirst! Unbelievable.

Decorative details dog friendly!

Kurgo If dogs have their own bar, we like the wink of the fountain intended for adults. A first dog-shaped tap reminds us that we love dogs here, while the second is just a dog toy transformed into an original handle. Fun!

When dogs approve new products

Kurgo If the welfare is evident for the animals and their masters, the company, altruistic and passionate as it is, also reap the benefit of this atypical organization. The dogs of the house thus become from time to time the testers of new products. A perfect idea to facilitate research and development!

Great recreation for employees

Kurgo Besides toys for happy dogs, there is a spring horse… for happy employees! Like older children, Kurgo employees alternate between meetings, hard work and relaxation breaks. Clearly, these offices are truly one of a kind.


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