Collector's hotel: a trip to the 1930s

Collector's hotel: a trip to the 1930s

In the 8th arrondissement, a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe, the Hôtel du Collectionneur stands out as an Art Deco legend. Here, everything has been thought, worked and created from photographs, plans and materials straight from the 1930s so that the illusion is perfect. The decoration of this five star has been imagined with reference to the transatlantic liners, both sumptuous and delicate. But we also like to browse the building in search of a work of art, because as the name suggests, the hotel has a collection of unique art furniture. Visit in images of a timeless hotel where every detail is a tribute to architecture and design.

An elegant lobby

Hôtel du Collectionneur From the reception, we love the 1930s atmosphere that reigns over the place. The floor is dotted with black and white geometric patterns when the wooden coffered ceilings give the place a majestic presence.

A monumental staircase inspired by Perret

Hôtel du Collectionneur In the hall, a majestic staircase is meant to be the symbol of an era. To achieve this, the architects were inspired by the original plans that Auguste Perret drew for the Economic and Social Center of Trocadéro. And since the place also wants to be dedicated to art and to the collection, we will notice here a console by Edgar Brant, who invites himself into the decor, to the delight of amateurs.

A liner lounge

The Hôtel du Collectionneur reproduced custom-made each decorative piece that inhabits the place, from drawings or photographs. This is how the lounges on the ground floor are similar to those of period liners, with the splendor that we know about them. The magnificent chandeliers stand out as precious objects when the materials are thought with nobility and richness.

A Royal suite

Hotel du Collectionneur Summum of luxury, the Royal suite of 110 m² is a real gem that can accommodate up to six people. Two bedrooms, a lounge dining room, a private lounge and a large tree-lined terrace overlooking the Andalusian Patio make it a true setting, in a pure Art Deco style.

An Art Deco room down to the last detail

Hôtel du Collectionneur In the rooms, we find the spirit of the era through a number of fine and elegant details: the door is made in Rio rosewood and the furniture, reissued, in Macassar ebony. We also notice inlays in the furniture, which are none other than the replica of the original drawings by Ruhlmann. Finally, curtains with floral designs and a silky appearance finish this perfect Art Deco bedroom, perfectly worked.

A bathroom with marble carpet

Hôtel du Collectionneur In the 150m² presidential suite, you can enjoy the bathroom decorated with noble materials that were used in the 1930s. The floor is decorated with white and black marble carpets. A spa bath is installed in a magnificent geometric formwork in Absolut Black granite. Finally, a private sauna completes these services.

Private terraces with magical views

Some suites have private terraces overlooking the magnificent Andalusian Patio. The view on the worked facades of the building as on the 800m² of greenery imagined by Olivier Riols then becomes an exquisite spectacle, day and night.

Le Patio Andalou: the largest open-air garden in Paris

Hôtel du Collectionneur A veritable plant show orchestrated by Olivier Riols, this 800 m2 patio features lush flora. Orange, lemon and palm trees decorate the garden with a Mediterranean flair. The sublime granite fountain has earned it the name of Andalusian patio, where dinner quickly turns into a trip.

A cozy and Vegan terrace

Hôtel du Collectionneur On the terrace of the Vegan Bar, a gateway between the rue de Courcelles and the Purple Bar, we appreciate tasting one of the specialties of the head barman Alexandra Giraud, like being tempted by a 100% Vegan plate. Sprained in the 1930s total look spirit, this intimate and very natural place is nonetheless a real space of escape.