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Ideas to organize the chaos of the cupboard under the sink

Ideas to organize the chaos of the cupboard under the sink

Hiding a trash can


In a small kitchen, it is not always easy to bring in a trash can. Unless you install a plastic trash can directly in the door of your closet located under the sink. It will also be much more practical to change the trash bag.

Find a place for your household products

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Forget the cleaning products stored in bulk under the sink! Here are several tips to optimize the space and store your household products in order to find them easily and also avoid spilling them. Use the plinths and the natural layout of your closet to store rolls of plastic bags or trash bags for example.

Rotating and practical storage


If your sink is located in a corner, you can opt for a corner cupboard with revolving storage, which makes it easier to access the contents of the cupboard.

Install a sliding cupboard


The cupboards that open with a traditional door are far too classic! To optimize your storage under the sink, prefer a sliding model, which opens more easily and has two floors.

One closet can hide another

Leroy Merlin

If you have a small space under your sink but a fairly spacious room, you can install an extending cupboard, which hides several storage spaces. These unfold as if by magic when you open the door. All you have to do is find a place for your utensils and small items.

A DIY to store your food films

The Wandmaker's mother

Food wrap is very handy for storing leftovers, but they are not easy to store. Remember to stick a document holder or a structure in the same dimensions on one of the doors of your closet to store them very simply.

The ideal furniture for a studio


You do not want to customize your cabinet under sink? Be aware that there are all-in-one pieces of furniture that combine clever storage in a minimum of space. For example, this model signed Kitchoo

A designer corner unit


Tidy up the space under the sink, yes, but don't forget the design of your kitchen! A well-designed corner unit like this Blum model is ideal for enhancing your kitchen while having very functional compartmentalized storage.

Small bins under the sink

Blog A little bit of everything

Here's a Do It Yourself that's easy to make at home. All you need is small plastic bins or compact storage boxes that you will attach to the door of your furniture under the sink. Keep some to put them directly in the cabinet for larger items. Source: Blog A little bit of everything