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When the pans are displayed in the kitchen

When the pans are displayed in the kitchen

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In the kitchen, there is no shortage of decor ideas. But when it combines practicality and originality, they are rarer! Displaying your pots and pans in the kitchen gives a crazy charm to the room, saves space in your cupboards and has your cooking appliances handy. Unless you would prefer to hang copper pots as decoration. Either way, here are 10 kitchens to inspire you.

Dress the wall of a kitchen

Blog Dille & Kamille / Yvestown To decorate your kitchen, you can build a support to attach to the wall on which you can place plants but also your shopping list, utensils and of course pots. This will save you from looking in your cupboards when you want to cook a simple and quick dish. Source: Dille & Kamille Blog

Pans on a brick wall

Ikea In a modernized rustic style, this wood and black kitchen has cast iron and copper pots on one of its walls. This wall decoration takes us back to the old kitchens for years. We love !

Put hooks under a shelf

Debo Brico Blog Here is a tip not to waste space in a narrow kitchen. Install hooks under a shelf to hang your pots (if possible all of the same color or the same range for more harmony). You can then easily take them and put them back without cluttering your storage. Source: Debo Brico Blog

Hang pans high

Ferm Living In this kitchen, the credenza bar has been hung from the ceiling in order to hang pots in the air. It is a good idea in a low ceiling room. However, be careful to secure your hooks so that they do not fall.

A clever storage structure

String In this small kitchen, a storage structure has been installed above the dining area in order to use maximum storage space in height. Grids separate the open shelves. You can hang pans on them using simple metal hooks. Source: Blog MLC's decoration blog

Make a pot holder yourself

Dremel This DIY is easy to make since it only requires a wooden structure, hooks and cable. It's up to you to paint your pan hanger as you see fit and attach it to the ceiling. Your will then get a practical and original suspension.

A kitchen with retro decor

Anders Bergstedt The credenza bar was not installed at the credenza level but on another wall of the kitchen in order to accommodate several objects such as an apron and an old-fashioned copper saucepan which brings a little vintage decorative touch .

A practical storage unit

Ikea This open shelf is perfect for storing everyday dishes but it also allows hanging coffee cups and pans thanks to an integrated metal bar. A certain saving of space and a good decorative idea.

Country chic

Ikea If you have a country-style kitchen, don't hesitate to display your copper pots and other vintage utensils on the wall. A yellow wall will make them all the more stand out and highlight. The trick: attach parallel splash bars and play on the heights with the utensils for an authentic and rustic side.