10 ways to customize the curtains of a child's room

10 ways to customize the curtains of a child's room

To customize a child's room, there is no shortage of ideas! Latest tip: customize the curtains to create a unique atmosphere in the room. Add a pocket to the fabric, make a star garland, create original decorations or even perforate a curtain ... We have selected inspiring Do It Yourself to give a new life to your child's curtains.

Punch a curtain

Blog Ma rue bric à brac You certainly hadn't thought of it but this is a good idea for customization. Using a punching machine, make holes along the entire length of the fabric to pass more light into the room and give a magical atmosphere to the room. Source: Blog Ma rue bric à brac

Add Girly Patterns

Blog Les ateliers de Mireia This blogger has affixed pretty white butterflies on navy blue curtains, which she made with a transfer that is generally used to customize T-shirts. Result? A feminine decorative accessory that will please your little girl. Source: Blog Mireia's workshops

Make a multicolored garland

Blog La cour des petits To personalize children's curtains without damaging them, you can make colorful paper garlands yourself. It's up to you to choose the pattern and length of the garlands that you will hang on the curtain rod. Source: Blog Cour des petits

Add pompoms

Zess Blog The pompoms are an undeniable decorative asset in a child's room. They are adorned with all colors to give a playful and delicate look to your curtains. The little extra? They are suitable for a little boy as well as a little girl. Source: Zess Blog

Customize a wardrobe

Blog My decorative notebook If you are passionate about embroidery or have old curtains in your closets, think about giving a second life to your children's bedroom decor. Here, the wardrobe doors have been replaced by a pretty white curtain so that your toddlers can more easily access them. Source: Blog My decorative notebook

Add a pocket to a fabric curtain

Beginner's Sewing Blog To have additional storage but also to give a playful side to fabric curtains, simply sew a simple pocket on the bottom of the textile. Your toddlers can then store candies, a book or a coloring album. Source: Beginner's Couture Blog

Sew colorful patterns

Babobi / A Little market This very soft curtain has been embroidered with soothing patterns (moon, clouds, stars ...) which will help the little ones to fall asleep more easily. If you are afraid of not being able to embroider these types of shapes, use the patterns you will find in hobby shops. Source: A little market

Build a star garland

Blog La Malle DIY In this children's room, paper garlands in the shape of stars personalize the purple curtains. It is an easy DIY to make in which you can involve your children. Source: Blog La Malle DIY

Put an original kiss

Blog Pink and green In order to hold the curtains in a child's room, consider installing tiebacks. Yes but not just any! Find a nice ribbon or make one using a rope that you can customize with wooden beads for example. Source: Pink and Green Blog