On the way to BUT's new 2016-2017 Christmas collection

On the way to BUT's new 2016-2017 Christmas collection

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At the foot of the Madeleine in Paris, But gave us an appointment this afternoon for a mini-bus trip! Inside is part of its 2016-2017 Christmas collection, which the editorial team could admire in preview. Back to school has barely started when we already think about Christmas? Don't panic, the pretty decorative objects and accessories on display are kept and displayed all year round. Immediate boarding !

A white and chic Christmas

Josiane Asmane Inside, two pretty decorative collections are presented to us, called "Blanc Glacier" and "Blanc chic". Small furniture and decorative accessories play the card of frosty white, associated with gray rugs and cushions. Goal put on a "white christmas" which evokes the Scandinavian shades and shades that make us dream so much. The little extra: all the cushions are less than 10 euros and some are designed by designers and graphic designers from But.

Pretty gifts at a low price to offer

Josiane Asmane Focus on these small kits and notebooks from the "Blanc chic" collection, which combine blue and pink, colors of the year 2016, in powdered version. Simple and chic, we would place these small accessories at the foot of the tree as a gift.

A trendy lamp

Josiane Asmane Editor's favorite for this glass and wood lamp with visible bulb, very trendy. Instead of hiding it, the bulb now appears and shows its decorative shapes. A beautiful object that works by battery and does not clutter up with an unsightly socket! * Led bulb lamp: 12.99 euros *

The collection shines brightly at night

Josiane Asmane And the night of December 24, objects shine brightly! We really like the scented candle under a star-shaped bell (in glass). A good idea to create a cabinet of curiosities effect on the fireplace. * Candle under a bell: 12.99 euros *

Sweet messages

Josiane Asmane Because Christmas is always an opportunity to say nice words to friends or family, But has thought of frames and posters * feel good * to message. To hang on a wall of frames by playing on sizes and mismatched models.

A flocked fir

Josiane Asmane The tree is obviously essential and is also made all white. With its PVC and steel structure, we like it flocked to go with the white and golden objects and accessories of the collection. * Flocked fir: 24.99 euros *

To store your Christmas balls and hats

Josiane Asmane Yes, we know that this black and white hat box is not necessarily in season, but precisely we adopt it at Christmas and we use it all year! It is also very suitable for storing balls and garlands as in the photo. * Hat box: 9.99 euros *

Cocooning christmas

Josiane Asmane For a cocooning Christmas, Aim focuses on the comfort of (fake) sheep skin accessories on carpet, stool and end of sofa. The little white shoes in soft cotton are also there to welcome gifts…

Garland snowflakes

Josiane Asmane Because it's not just the tree to decorate, remember to decorate your shelves with pretty hanging garlands. In the shape of snowballs, they also know how to be discreet and go very well with golden and silver objects. There is another battery-powered bell lamp that surfs on the wire trend. We love ! * Led bell lamp: 14.99 euros ** Cotton snowball garlands: 3.99 euros *


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