Chez Géraldine et Frédéric: elegant renovation for an old apartment

Chez Géraldine et Frédéric: elegant renovation for an old apartment

It was by accidentally visiting apartments in their neighborhood that Frédéric and Géraldine fell in love with "a nugget, a diamond in the rough", a 140m2 space full of charm and potential. A lot of work had to be done in this old apartment to make it conform to the expectations of the family. Géraldine has been poking around for weeks on Pinterest to refine her decorating desires. The couple entrusted the structural work to artisans under the guidance of their architect Dario Dalgo, all the paintings and other finishes were carried out by them.

The small benches at the entrance

Cloporte It is a detail of the apartment that had made Géraldine crack during the first visit that these little benches. These have therefore been preserved and are currently clever storage for family shoes.

The semi-open kitchen to the dining area

Cloporte In this apartment everything has been built up from the kitchen. The space is open to a large dining room in which the children like to play and do their homework. Above the table, Géraldine chose an imposing chandelier from Petite Friture.

The charm of old parquet

Cloporte It was entirely renovated-cleaned by Géraldine's mother. It is often on this parquet floor that visitors rave the most. Parquet and woodwork blend perfectly with black and white, warming the atmosphere.

Nice clock in the dining room

Cloporte The family clock has found its place in the dining room, it brings a little Baroque touch to the whole decoration of the room.

Focus on the kitchen and its glass roof

Cloporte Géraldine does not like to cook but she likes cooking. It was at Valcucine that the couple found their kitchen. The latter, black, compact and sober, has been integrated into an old alcove whose walls have been replaced by canopies.

Frédéric's photos

Woodlice On the walls there are many framed photos. Frédéric is crazy about photography, he is very gifted and his prints punctuate the decoration of the apartment.

The spacious living room

The room is located in the center of the apartment. In order to gain brightness and a feeling of space, a large mirror was installed at the back of the room. The decoration is quite refined and Géraldine wanted in all the rooms to keep a very graphic touch by using white and black either in the paint or in the decoration of her interior. The glass doors are original.

The marble fireplace

Cloporte These fireplaces which are found in several rooms of the apartment contrast with the more design and more contemporary decoration elements chosen by Géraldine. It was also these fireplaces that caught Géraldine's eye when she discovered the place for the first time.

Daphne's girly (but not too much) room

Cloporte The children's rooms are not very large, but the space has been used optimally. The beds were placed in the center of the room, a headboard was imagined to create an office area at the back of the bed in front of the window.

Dada's cushions

Cloporte Daphné is a real little girl, she loves girly decorations, Natoo and unicorns. It was therefore quite normal to find star cushions and glitter in her bedroom - which come from Nobodinoz.


Cloporte The small collection of Daphne's tsum-tsum. These little Disney characters have a soft belly to clean the screens but they can also stack at leisure to decorate the interiors of small or large children.

Children's bathroom

Woodlice Still white and black in the children's bathroom. There too it is the graphic and sober aspect which pleased the family.