Before / After: Make your apartment more functional and add a child's bedroom

Before / After: Make your apartment more functional and add a child's bedroom

This apartment has undergone a complete renovation in order to make it more functional but also to bring it up to date. The kitchen, the living room and the dining room but also the bathroom and the various rooms of the house have therefore been rearranged by the agency Les Murs a ears. The architect Charlotte Soissons explains the different stages of this colorful transformation. ** Area: ** 90m² ** Budget: ** € 100,000 including VAT for the renovation of the entire apartment without the interior designer's fees

A bright and ingenious kitchen

Walls have ears ** After: ** The floor has been changed in favor of a nice parquet floor. The new open kitchen has boxes and fronts from the Ikea brand (reference Metod). It has a long Lapeyre work plan (155 euros) more ergonomic and an island glued to the wall which allows better circulation in the room. The white color of the cabinets brings more brightness to the room and visually enlarges it. A custom cupboard has been created to hide the boiler.

The kitchen open to the dining room

Walls have ears ** After: ** The new kitchen opens onto a sitting area and the dining room. The floor is the same as in the kitchen to create visual continuity, namely oak laminated parquet signed Leroy Merlin. The walls have been repainted in blue and greige (Farrow and Ball) to energize the living room. The extra tip? A custom-made piece of furniture has been created in the kitchen under the windows of the living room in order to have additional storage space but also to hide the radiators.

The existing living room

Walls have ears ** Before: ** The living room was very crowded and the space was not at all optimized in the room. The office area was therefore not optimal for working at home while the sofa area lacked warmth and friendliness.

A cozy sitting area

Walls have ears ** After: ** The dining room and living room measure 26.8 square meters. The space has been completely redesigned to have a dining area distinct from the relaxation area with a sofa, a coffee table and a library. The walls have also been repainted in greige to bring more light to the room. To balance the budget, the architect combined standard and custom furniture. Finally, spots were fixed under the tall furniture of the kitchen so that it is better lit.

The old bathroom and its lack of space

Walls have ears ** Before: ** The old bathroom in this apartment was quite old. The blue tiles did not blend well with the white and beige vanity. The room is small, the door was poorly arranged and lost a significant space while darkening the room which measures only 4.8 square meters.

An optimized and design bathroom

Walls have ears ** After: ** The new bathroom is more functional. The bathtub has been replaced by a shower in order to put the washing machine (which was originally in the kitchen) and thus save space. On the ground, Leroy Merlin concrete effect tiles were laid. The vanity has been changed to an Ikea suspended model which allows the room to be ventilated. Finally, a large mirror and well highlighted by sconces.

The rooms before the works

Walls have ears ** Before: ** In the child's bedroom, with a mezzanine, as in the master bedroom, the decor was sorely lacking in modernity. The yellow and blue colors did not enhance the room and the furniture was quite run down. It was so much to renovate the sleeping spaces! The owners' desire was mainly to rethink the layout of the apartment so that it would be more suited to the family life of this couple with three children, and in particular to create one more room so that each toddler has his space.

Contemporary children's bedrooms

Walls have ears ** After: ** The apartment now has an 8 square meter through bedroom with mezzanine, a second 6.5 square meter bedroom and a third and new children's bedroom. In each of them, the storage has been optimized, the modernized furniture and the decorative style has nothing to do with that of the old bedroom.

The parental bedroom and the new children's bedroom

Walls have ears ** After: ** The master bedroom (11 square meters) has nice wallpaper and Japanese panels that provide a soothing atmosphere to the room. The 3rd children's room (7.5 square meters) was created by recovering the corner of the living room. It was a real challenge for the architect. The room is lit by an interior window overlooking this space, which has been tailor-made using lines from existing windows. For more information, visit the website of the architectural agency Les Murs ont des ears.