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A small washbasin cabinet to lighten the bathroom

A small washbasin cabinet to lighten the bathroom

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The bathroom is not always spacious enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture. Also, there are many space saving solutions to allow you to visually lighten your bathroom and that it is harmonious and functional thanks to a practical piece of furniture that does not take up too much space.

An additional piece of furniture under the sink

Paragraph If you cannot afford a vanity unit, consider accessorizing your sink by adding an open side cabinet. It will allow you to store some things without visually cluttering the room.

A small washbasin cabinet

Delpha If you bet on a small washbasin cabinet, do not hesitate to choose it high enough to gain storage space. Its small size will allow you to fit it between two elements.

An all-in-one vanity unit

Lido This unit allows you to fit both a washbasin cabinet and a mirror in a small space while providing you with a very aesthetic and design module. Ideal for small spaces that do not want to deny the aesthetic.

Two small vanity units

Jacob Delafon If you want two basins in your bathroom, you can still bet on small pieces of furniture. For a less massive visual effect, you can opt for a global piece of furniture that seems separate thanks to a subtle relief.

A functional piece of furniture

Roca If you only need a hand basin, know that it can also be combined with a storage part. You will simply choose a basin with a small cupboard which is installed in the lower part.

A console-style washbasin cabinet

Villeroy and Boch In this bathroom, we preferred to forget the storage part of the vanity unit in order to offer an ultra-clean piece of furniture that simply accommodates the basin in the manner of a console.

A reduced vanity unit

Delpha Rather than choosing an entire washbasin cabinet that offers storage space close to the ground, you will bet on a model that stops halfway in order to simply offer a storage drawer. The whole is practical while taking up less space.

A small piece of furniture and its mirror

Lido On this large mirror which allows to enlarge the space, we added a small vanity unit which offers an all-in-one module that is both practical and decorative.

A small designer piece of furniture Finally, who said that design and functionality could not go together? This small washbasin cabinet proves it thanks to a bold design that allows you to store a few towels while giving the decorative tone of the bathroom.

A black or white piece of furniture

Black or white paragraph, it's up to you! What is certain is that this small vanity unit will slip into the narrowest bathrooms.

We round the angles

Leroy Merlin We love this mini vanity unit with rounded corners which is ideal for this long bathroom. Thanks to its small size, it even offers you the possibility of installing toilets in the room.

A piece of furniture for a practical little corner

Leroy Merlin Impossible for you to place a vanity unit in a corner of the bathroom because of the radiator? Choose a very narrow model and install it in the middle of the back wall. It’s just as practical as it is, right?

A piece of furniture with two large drawers

Ikea You have a small bathroom, but you need storage for all your little tribe? Bet on this white washbasin cabinet with two large drawers. Easy to organize everything thanks to the integrated organizers!

Mini furniture

Leroy Merlin We can't resist this mini white washbasin cabinet and its equally narrow storage cupboard. Ideal in a studio or in a bathroom with few square meters.

A cupboard cabinet

Castorama Do you find cupboards more practical than drawers? Here is a small piece of furniture that meets all your criteria! You can store beauty products as well as bath linen there. Nothing is left behind!

Three pieces of furniture like at school

Ikea A small bathroom entirely reserved for children? Easy with these mini washbasins that we multiply so that everyone has their own space!

A bathtub for the benefit of a small piece of furniture

Ikea A bathtub or a large vanity unit? We will have to make a choice. If your heart rocks for the bathtub, we suggest you adopt this small white piece of furniture that is as practical as it is elegant.

Install a hand basin

Castorama In a studio, it is not always possible to install a washbasin cabinet. The editorial solution is simple: put a hand basin, normally intended for toilets. Nice, right?

A corner unit

Leroy Merlin In a small bathroom, nothing more practical to save space than a corner unit. We love this taupe model which brings a natural touch and very pleasant cocoon.


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