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How to decorate cakes easily?

How to decorate cakes easily?

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Are you going to prepare a children's snack soon or do you want to make the cake of your dreams for your birthday yourself? No need to go through the pastry box, nothing like the cake made with love and a good dose of creativity. We have identified quick, inexpensive solutions that do not require specific equipment to decorate your pastry in no time. Attention, the result is stunning!

Put candies on top of the cake

Simply Delicious Your cake is not impeccably smooth and you want to decorate it anyway? Do not panic ! Simply put candies or chocolates of the same shape but of different size and color on top of the pastry. It will look more voluminous at the same time. Source: Simply delicious

A multicolored fish-shaped cake

Biodélices Blog Here is a perfect idea for a birthday snack for your little one! Make a classic chocolate cake, in a round mold, then cut a piece that will form the mouth of the fish. This same part put at the end of the cake will be the tail of the animal. You just have to put multicolored candies as scales and form an eye. Source: Biodélices Blog

An adorable candy cake

Kraft Blog Once your birthday cake is finished, put chamallows on it to form the head of an adorable little lamb and add a little Zan roll or vanilla pod to form the eyes and mouth of the animal. All you have to do is put pink candies for your nose and ears. Source: Kraft Blog

Staging your cake with a coulis

Blog Your cup of cake Nothing could be simpler to decorate your pastry: pour melted (cooled) chocolate on it and stick dried fruits (like nuts for example), candies and chocolate shavings. Put everything on a cake stand and voila. Source: Blog Your cup of cake

Decorate a pastry with fruit

Handle the heat blog Are you pressed for time and not very comfortable with baking techniques? It does not mean that you cannot decorate a cake very easily. The proof, it is enough to place some fresh fruits and crushed dried fruits on top of the pastry to give it style. Source: Blog Handle the heat

A romantic dessert

Blog Gimme some oven To surprise your other half for their birthday or Valentine's Day, prepare their favorite cake and cover it with frosting so that you can place rose petals on it. Be careful to buy fresh roses, not dried petals that could crumble. Source: Gimme some oven Blog

Frozen fruit on a pastry

Blog love love and sugar It may sound a bit wacky said like that, but placing frozen fruit on a cake not only gives it an elegant and Nordic style but also creates a natural coulis once the fruit is at temperature. room. Source: Blog Love love and sugar

Color a dessert with macaroons

Blog Sweet Apolita To put a little color on a birthday cake, think of placing macaroons of different colors on top of the dessert? You can also form an object or a letter with them. The more daring can stick them vertically on a frosting. Source: Sweet Apolita Blog

A simplified black forest

Natashas Kitchen Blog The Black Forest is a fairly complicated cake to make if you are new to baking. But, you can take inspiration from it for a playful decor of your pastry by adding a little cream or whipped cream and sticking cherries and chocolate shavings to it. Source: Natashas Kitchen Blog