Chateau Clément

Chateau Clément

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In Ardèche, Marie-Antoinette and Éric Chabot welcome you to Château Clément in the town of Vals-les-Bains famous for its source of sparkling mineral water. Friendly and family atmosphere in the castle which belonged to Auguste Clément, president of the waters of Vals around 1870. Push the door towards a magic and delicate world…

A room at Château Clément

new'R-Claire Gillet La with sheer curtains and linen shades for a resolutely romantic atmosphere.


nouvelle'R-Claire Gillet The card mixes materials for a resolutely trendy style.

A room at Château Clément

nouvelle'R-Claire Gillet A delicate decor between linen and taupe for a moment of sweetness.

A lounge at Château Clément

new'R-Claire Gillet Le, which mixes amber and honey tones, offers great comfort and a view of the south-facing terrace.

Relaxing in the pool

nouvelle'R-Claire Gillet For a special moment of relaxation and rest in the swimming pool.

The terrace

nouvelle'R-Claire Gillet The terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Monts d'Ardèche.