How to optimize angles at home?

How to optimize angles at home?

Whether in your living room, your bathroom, the kitchen or the balcony, follow our advice to arrange the angles of all the rooms in the house and optimize each square meter. Furniture, shelving or a simple way to arrange your interior differently, multiple possibilities exist to save space. Discover our selection in 10 pretty and clever ideas!

Mini shelf for the kitchen

Spoiler The kitchen worktop can also be optimized thanks to shelves to be placed in unused corners. Practical and sold at low prices, we keep handy what we use most often.

Entrance angle

Ikea And in my hallway? How do I manage my angles? All the more so when I can't put furniture directly against the walls because of these rather unattractive pipes? No worries: first, get yourself some S hooks to hang things on your pipes - as long as your pipes will bear this load, of course -; two, invest in this Ikea full-length mirror which hides a clothes rack behind its back.

A high pallet table to make yourself

No place to install a table in your kitchen? We have the solution: use this angle that is useless with this high pallet table. Even that we explain everything to make yourself this high table in pallets.

An ergonomic desk

Alinéa Need a large office? Why not choose it at an angle? What save space and surface and even take advantage of the light of a window. Blow of heart for this model!

Take advantage of an angle for a reading corner

Castorama What if you take advantage of a corner of your living room to create a cozy reading corner? A lamp in the corner (this comes from Castorama) which will overhang a cozy armchair, a stool as a side table and even trunks which next to your armchair will serve as storage and support for a plate - Or other.

A classic touch

Maisons du Monde Need additional storage? The elegant style of this white wooden corner shelf unit goes well with any interior. Dishes, books or decorative objects, everything succeeds without weighing down the space of the room.

A designer balcony

Rephorm Venus from Germany, these are funny solutions to green your balcony. Practical, they arise immediately. What optimize its flowering surface and make more pleasant a corner not always very pretty.

An elegant living room

La Redoute interiors It is not necessary to place your television in the center of the room. The proof with this very practical piece of furniture which places the screen obliquely and also allows to store hi-fi and DVD player.

No lost angle with the shelves

Cuisinella Square meters are precious! So we tend not to lose any angle. As in this Cuisinella kitchen where you can see that thanks to the open shelves, the angle is useful!