Industrial style decoration in the room

Industrial style decoration in the room

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The industrial style is not at the show! It also finds its place in the bedroom provided that it is not too present, the room will remain soothing. Here are some tips and decor ideas for an industrial touch in the bedroom.

Industrial materials

Maisons du Monde ### To create an industrial style, you can bet on materials. Choose a leather headboard, fairly rough furniture and create a metallic effect on the walls. Know that by mixing these materials, you will get a fairly masculine style.

A central occupation of space

Goal ### Furnish your room like a loft. So if you have enough space, place your bed in the center of the room and allow free traffic on both sides. Do not hesitate to mix several spaces: small lounge, sports area, library…

Industrial furniture

Maisons du Monde ### Bet on original furniture thanks to recycling. Your bedside table can take on the appearance of a wooden case. Opt for a bedside lamp straight out of an architect's office.

An industrial color code

Leroy Merlin ### Finally, for an industrial style, you have to opt for a very neutral color code. Mix black, gray and white to create a beautiful harmony. If you love colors, wake up the decor with a few touches of red or yellow.