Industrial style decor in the kitchen

Industrial style decor in the kitchen

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It's not always easy to create an industrial style in the kitchen! But with a few details, you can bring a loft atmosphere to your kitchen. Here are our ideas, get inspired!

Industrial furniture

Leroy Merlin ### To furnish the kitchen, choose industrial furniture. You can for example create a work plan with an old wooden door, install metal chairs and opt for large black hanging lamps.

Industrial materials

Lapeyre ### Play on materials to give an industrial style. Know that the combination of wood and gray furniture will be ideal. To accessorize, choose metal letters that you can hunt for.

An industrial color code

Maisons du Monde ### Bet on neutral colors reminiscent of metal: gray, white and black will create a very beautiful monochrome. So choose gray kitchen furniture, opt for a slate credenza and prefer seats in different colors.

Recuperative cuisine

Leroy Merlin ### For a very industrial kitchen, we put on aged wooden furniture to which we will add metal handles. The worktop can take on concrete forms. Finally, choose Tolix chairs for the metal side.


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