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8 ideas to decorate the bedroom for little boys

8 ideas to decorate the bedroom for little boys

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To create your little boy's bedroom decor, here are 8 different styles to inspire you!

A space-saving room

Goal ### In a small room, clever ideas are needed to keep the child's bedroom adapted to his or her playful desires. Among the solutions to optimize space, we can count on the mezzanine bed under which we install a reading corner or a play corner.

A formula 1 room

Goal ### On the male side, there is no age to get a taste for cars. After four-wheeled toys, why not take it to the next level by creating a Formula 1 decor? There are some who will no longer be asked to go to bed!

A seaside style room

Maisons du Monde ### To remind your toddler of the holidays, there's nothing like creating a boat decor. In the spotlight: the writings and prints of the freighters, the ocean blue gray color, decorative objects evoking the sea such as a model of a boat. Boarding!

A fun room

Goal ### Because the bedroom is synonymous with a playground, here is a decor that has it all. The arrangement of blackboards in place of decorative objects allows children to draw the decor. The budding artists have everything to be seduced.

A workshop room

Maisons du Monde ### The industrial decor trend even reaches the boys' bedroom, for a more pre-teen style. In the spotlight: a marriage of bright red and metal, small workshop style furniture, and decorative letters.

Old style for the bedroom

Goal ### Chalk board, fluff, soft and natural materials (wood, parquet, sheepskin carpet), there is a bit of sweetness of yesteryear in this child's room. For those nostalgic for the decorations of yesteryear…

A room for two

AM.PM ### Example in image of a room for two! On the program: bunk beds, sober tones (brown and gray) to avoid style quarrels between the two ages and a touch of sweetness (paper lampshade, very soft carpet ...).