Wallpaper like no other in my toilet

Wallpaper like no other in my toilet

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Do you think that toilets are a place where decoration has no place? Think again, even the smallest spaces in the house can be personalized. Today, we invite you to discover 10 wallpapers to adopt in your toilets to make it a unique and atypical piece. A multitude of ideas to pique!


WC point Here is an incredible tapestry that gives the impression of being in the heart of a library. The editorial tip of the editorial staff: place a small shelf with a few books on it!

In black and white

Over the colors Here you find a particularly original wallpaper that really finds its place in small spaces. Very trendy, it brings out the white of the WC while brightening up the small corners.


Leroy Merlin Here is an extra tapestry! Thanks to her, we love spending a little time in the bathroom. The illustrations exude comfort and well-being while bringing a touch of originality.


Leroy Merlin Here is a very simple wallpaper that gives maximum effect. Thanks to him one can think that the walls are covered with wood. A coating that recalls nature.


Over the colors Here you discover a wallpaper that is both playful and colorful. We love the multitude of flowers, their colors and the originality of the whole. This is the favorite of the editorial staff!


Saint Maclou Sober and trendy, this wallpaper is different because it offers a unique design and a marriage of colors that perfectly finds its place in a bathroom and in toilets.


Over the colors Here is a geometric wallpaper that might be too unusual to be placed in a living room. On the other hand, in the toilets, it has an effect and seduces all the occupants of the house.


Mr Bricolage It is difficult to place a dark wallpaper in the living rooms. However in the toilet this wallpaper is very original and will make your toilet a different room.


Here you discover a colorful and harmonious wallpaper. It offers a touch of originality to the toilets while highlighting this small space.


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