The Blanc des Vosges bed linen collection enhances the bedroom

The Blanc des Vosges bed linen collection enhances the bedroom

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A family business that still manufactures bed linen in the Vosges, Blanc des Vosges is a real guarantee of quality. But not only because the beauty of the patterns and the choice of colors make this brand a real decorative asset in the bedroom. The proof in pictures with the latest collection of bed linen that sublimates the entire room.

Seasonal flowers

Blanc des Vosges What if your bed turns into a field of flowers? This is what this colorful set offers, which mixes different varieties of flowers to evoke the awakening spring.

Graphic spirit on the bed

Blanc des Vosges To preserve the urban and contemporary atmosphere of the room, we put on a bed linen which follows this inspiration. Blanc des Vosges then offers an ultra graphic set with shapes in strong colors such as white, red and gray.

The sunny bedroom

Blanc des Vosges To add a little flavor to your room, yellow is the ideal color. By recalling the sun, it puts a good mood in the whole room. We like here the camaïeu of yellow which is associated with some very trendy and graphic touches of gray.

Flowers on the bed

Blanc des Vosges And to brighten up the room with elegance, Blanc des Vosges puts on a few flowers that settle on a white and classic bed linen. The spirit becomes feminine and rustic thanks to elegant embroidery.

Blue flower

Blanc des Vosges For a romantic and delicate atmosphere in the bedroom, blue is an ideal color. The brand accentuates this characteristic by using it lightly to create floral patterns on an elegant set.

Black & white

Blanc des Vosges This season, black and white continues to come into the house. So it also finds its place on the bed linen. Black thus plays with chic and delicate patterns on a white set to bring it a graphic and contemporary note.

Dynamic stripes

Blanc des Vosges To energize the room, nothing like stripes. So if you add warm colors, the effect is further accentuated and offers a decorative revival to the bedroom by simply changing the bed linen.

Marine spirit

Blanc des Vosges For the summer, Blanc des Vosges puts the seaside in the spotlight with bed sets that take on the look of stripes and offer a very fashionable and trendy spirit at home.

Bed linen that travels

Blanc des Vosges Finally, if you want your room to take you on a journey, bet on a colorful bedding set whose patterns brighten up the room in the blink of an eye.


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