Wood in the bathroom for a natural spirit

Wood in the bathroom for a natural spirit

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Room of softness and relaxation par excellence, the bathroom is dressed in wood to bring a natural and friendly touch to the room. Through furniture, accessories or floor coverings, wood makes the bathroom an elegant and pleasant room.

Wood for a seaside spirit

Lapeyre Wood, when it is a little gray, easily recalls the seaside style! We put on a variation of gray in the rest of the bathroom to evoke the pebbles of the seaside.

Driftwood spirit

Lapeyre To recall the driftwood that is sometimes found on beaches, we put on slightly aged wooden furniture, which gives them a fairly gray color. You will also find parquet in these shades for a very soft bathroom.

Zen atmosphere

La Redoute For a more Zen atmosphere, we put on white wood that we will marry green on the walls for example. The whole gives a very refreshing aspect which will be ideal for the summer.

An exotic touch

La Redoute Finally, for an exotic style, we prefer slightly darker wood like teak. Bet on simple shapes and bring splashes of color with linens and decorative accessories.


Lapeyre This bathroom reminds us that nature does not follow any rules. Here, wooden furniture is placed asymmetrically for a successful contemporary effect. A nice idea from Lapeyre.

Wood invites itself on the bathtub

Meris Wood in the bathroom is most often found on furniture. Today, we invite you to discover a wooden bathtub. This incredible creation is signed Meris and will seduce you.

A parquet in the water rooms

Schmidt No you are not dreaming! In this sublime bathroom, wood is present on the floor. Today it is possible thanks to the different coatings which adapt to the requirements of water features.


Porcelanosa Love at first sight for this bathroom whose natural wood furniture is enhanced by the black & white colors that adorn the room. When modernity and nature meet!

Simple and efficient

Leroy Merlin This bathroom is as pretty as it is practical. We love the sobriety of the furniture as well as the simplicity of the design. Wood brings a natural and warm side.

The scale integrates the bathroom

Leroy Merlin In this pretty bathroom, the furniture has a design that is as sober as it is elegant. We love the ladder which has been reworked to offer shelves and storage. The whole is magnified by neutral colors and very well chosen decorative elements.


Mobalpa In this bathroom, the furniture displays a very elegant dark wood and a very classic design. The room has a crazy cachet, worthy of the residences of the past century. We love !

All light wood

Alinéa The brightness of your bathroom will be accentuated with these light wooden furniture. We love the decorative elements in black and green that bring the natural side.

Barely worked wood

Schmidt In this Schmidt bathroom, the naturalness of the wood surprises. We love its honey color and the fact that it is admirably enhanced by the sobriety of white.

White and wood

Sanijura In this bathroom, the wood is enhanced by the clarity of the room. The decorative elements have also been cleverly chosen to keep the natural side.