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A weekend to discover the Gulf of Morbihan

A weekend to discover the Gulf of Morbihan

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We call it the small inland sea and it is part of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world. A bottleneck of only a small kilometer, between Arzon and Locmariaquer, separates it from the Atlantic Ocean which intrudes inland to Auray and even Vannes. There are many small islands with a marine charm, suitable for cycling and bird watching. Discovery of the Gulf of Morbihan.

Isle of Arz

Isle of Arz town hall On the way to the island (and commune) of Arz, reputed to have given birth to several generations of sailors. Here is an archipelago made up of eight islands or islets whose landscapes are green, peaceful and have remained almost in the wild. Enough to delight bird watchers, the Gulf of Morbihan being reputed to be a paradise for birds. You can go around the island by taking the 18 km coastal path on foot or by bike and stop on sandy beaches for a swim.

Monks' Island

Nathalie motte You can then visit the second big island in the gulf (the biggest!), Île aux Moines. Always on foot or by bicycle, you will follow hills, woods and valleys paths, appreciate changing landscapes at the whim of the tide, and discover along your route, the history of an island covered for a long time by small chapels here and there and megalithic remains.

Grand Largue restaurant - Arzon

Grand Largue restaurant Sea air, it digs and as long as you have toured the islands by bicycle, you will be hungry. You will therefore have deserved a gastronomic meal with flavors of the sea. To do this, go to Port Navalo in Arzon on the Rhuys peninsula, at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, at the Le Grand Largue restaurant to enjoy a panoramic view of the bay and a creative, delicate and refined cuisine that will amaze your taste buds.

Les Pierres Plates - Locmariaquer

From Arzon, if you cross the bottleneck of one kilometer of sea which forms the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, you will find yourself very close to Locmariaquer. This will be an opportunity for you to do a bit of history by visiting one of the most emblematic sites of Breton megalithic architecture dating from the Neolithic: the Table des Marchand. Monoliths and dolmens will touch you with a very distant Breton past.


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