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Colored attic

Colored attic

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Leroy Merlin - Attic in green and orange

Leroy Merlin Orange and green trend for an atmosphere that is both natural and vitamin-rich. A color for each space makes it possible to delimit the functions without having partitions.

Leroy Merlin - Attic in gray

Leroy Merlin Natural and mineral colors to welcome light. The tips of turquoise blue bring a contemporary touch.

Leroy Merlin purple

Leroy Merlin The combination of green and purple brings a very contemporary color contrast. These two colors very present in the current decor go well with a bedroom. Be careful to have enough light so that the room is not too dark with these colors.

Leroy Merlin blue

Leroy Merlin A pale blue on the wall which brings a rather cold atmosphere, warmed by very vitamin-rich orange chairs.

Leroy Merlin dark blue

Leroy Merlin A white room decorated with a curaçao blue on a wall. This contemporary color brings a touch of modernity to this piece which would have been bland white.