7 ideas to enhance the garden

7 ideas to enhance the garden

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When the warm weather comes, neither the kitchen, nor the living room, nor the bedroom are the favorite living rooms of the French. Considered a place of life in its own right in the house, the garden is at the top of the ranking. In terms of decor, it therefore deserves all the attention. Here are precisely, 7 flagship ideas to sublimate it!

Potted plants and flowers

Ikea A self-respecting garden cannot do without flowers and plants in pots of multiple shapes, sizes and colors. By their variety, these natural touches are ideal for punctuating the outdoors: framing an alley, delimiting a space or simply adorning the terrace!

Exterior lights

Habitat In summer, enjoying the garden is not limited to the day. On the contrary ! We appreciate the outdoor meals and aperitifs which continue after dark. Cool evenings that cannot do without lighting. Cube, parasol or string lights, candles, tealight holders, lanterns, lampposts: so many ways to gently light up summer evenings.

A harmonious path

Truffaut In the garden, there is the lawn, the flowers, the plants, then the passage between the entrance of the house and the gate. Betting on a path in harmony with nature preserves the visual beauty of the greenery outside. Japanese footsteps are a great example, as they create an alley while blending into the landscape.

A space dedicated to relaxation

Hesperide The invitation to the garden is not just a delicious meal with family or friends. There is nothing more pleasant than taking a relaxing break, dozing off or reading quietly in your hammock, on your deckchair or swing, letting yourself be lulled by the song of the birds. With a sitting area, the garden has enough to transport us away from the daily grind, and offer us a little dream.

A chic and elegant shelter

Ikéa Enjoy the sun, yes, but in moderation. To protect themselves without breaking the harmony of the garden, we put on the elegance and the decorative side of the arbors and pergolas on which we grow climbing plants (vines, rosebush, wisteria).

A decorative fountain

Greenweez Since in the garden, nature is queen, what could be more harmonious than combining water and greenery? Especially since the water runoff from the fountains brings a feeling of well-being and zen attitude, while their decorative allure gently enhances the exterior.


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