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20 decorating ideas with paint

20 decorating ideas with paint

To decorate your walls, it's not just paintings and stickers! Indeed, to create an original style you can use many very decorative effects with paint and a little imagination. With a simple can of paint, you can do miracles! We offer 20 ideas where the use of paint is original and decorative, while allowing to highlight certain elements of a room. Follow the guide !

Put golden touches on a black wall

Émilie Rousseaux To enhance a black wall, you can place small triangular or round golden shapes depending on the style of your room. Harmonize everything with matching bed linen and designer sconces in the same colors. Source: Blog Design Sponge

Paint each wall a different color Are you afraid of getting tired of your monochrome stay? Consider painting each wall of the room in a different color and dressing one of them with photo frames or paintings. The little extra? The original carpet.

Magnify a staircase

SK Concept In this sumptuous residence, the architects of the SK Concept agency modernized and magnified this old-fashioned staircase with a section of wall painted in bright red. What have a stairwell like no other!

Painting a door in line with the wall

Lady / Jotun The trend is to customize entrance doors and closets. Here, the geometric patterns painted on the wall of this room have been extended on the door, which significantly enlarges the space while playing on the optical effect. Source: Lady Blog

Increase the ceiling height

Rintal This living room seems larger than it actually is, thanks to the paint. Indeed, the white ceiling extends over a section of wall located in height, which gives us the impression of a greater height under ceiling. In addition, yellow provides more light to the living room.

Customize a piece of furniture

Castorama To give a unique style to a bedroom, you can customize a chest of drawers or a wardrobe by painting shapes or small characters. We love the frames painted on the wall, in which you can stick photos or hang souvenirs.

An original headboard

Mariekke Blog Blogger Marie Froideval has modernized her headboard herself. Result? She made it a graphic element made of painted wood with colors signed Destock and Farrow & Ball. Source: Mariekke Blog

Use a painting as a partition

Conforama Here, the living room seems to be separated from the reading corner by a very large canvas painted by hand. It is a good way to distinguish the different uses of a large living room while adding a little color.

Paint the edge of the door

Castorama It is an original idea and simple to carry out, which has the merit of boosting the space in the blink of an eye, especially if your walls are white. Choose a pop or fluorescent color and paint the edge of the door. You can also create a strip of paint of the same shade on one of the walls.

Color in the kitchen

SoCoo'c It's not just the salon that is entitled to its special treatment. In the kitchen, colors find their place perfectly like this Arty set by SoCoo'c inspired by Mondrian.

A slate painting

Julien Paintings This is a good alternative to colored paint, especially behind the stove. You can list your next races or the ingredients of your recipe. Put slate paint on a wall section accessible, by large and small, to be able to write easily.

A fluorescent staircase

EeStairs To add color to your home, you don't have to repaint your walls. You can definitely bet on an immaculate living room to better highlight an element of fluorescent color like this designer staircase.

Paint a piece of furniture and a section of wall

Castorama In this living room, the eye is focused on the bright yellow furniture. To create original visual continuity, the wall against which it is placed has been painted in the same shade to accommodate colored photo frames and paintings.

An almond green full of sweetness

Ikea If you want your living room to be soothing and conducive to relaxation, prefer a pastel shade or a very soft color like this almond green. You can then install darker furniture to create a nice contrast.

Play on colors

Castorama With colorful paint, give free rein to your imagination! Forget the solid colors and create your own custom patterns to customize a section of wall. You will not see this kind of decor in everyone.

Alternate wall covering

Leroy Merlin In this bedroom, the painting is sometimes united, sometimes with geometric shapes. This mix of wall coverings allows you to have a blank section of wall where you can hang decorative items and another more dressed up where to place your furniture.

A unique separation

Carlos designer To separate two spaces, no need for partitions, paint is enough! This is the case here with this strip of red paint which separates the living room from the kitchen and signifies the dining room. Ingenious and easy to do.

Have a tart storage cabinet

Cubit Paint has the great advantage of being able to be applied to any type of material, provided that a specific range is chosen. Here, the Cubit storage unit placed as a headboard adorns the wall and adorns it with bright, feminine colors.

Bring more light

Castorama Finally, in a slightly dark room that lacks natural light, painting a section of wall in bright yellow may prove to be a good solution to further illuminate the room.