Table decoration: how to use a buffet

Table decoration: how to use a buffet

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Whether for a birthday or a simple meal with friends, the buffet is a good solution when there are many of you and you want a convivial meal where everyone will find what they are looking for. But building a buffet is not an easy task because it has to be not only aesthetic but also practical for each guest. So before you start, take a look at the essentials, our decor tips and advice!

Offer a cutlery pot

Saber Similarly, you will make sure to offer different pots that allow you to find all the cutlery necessary for the meal. Create a pot for knives, another for forks, and two more for spoons, large and small.

Don't forget the towels

Alinéa And to avoid embarrassment for your guests, consider having a towel dispenser that your guests can easily find. Do not hesitate to increase them if your buffet is large.

Cutting bread

Cocobohème Rather than cutting slices of bread yourself and taking the risk that it will dry out, prefer to have a board and a knife. This will also allow everyone to take the amount they want.

Easy to serve dishes

Alinéa The buffet can quickly turn into a nightmare for your guests if the dishes presented are not easy to serve. So make it easier by offering small containers such as verrines or bite-size bites that are practical to grab.

Divided spaces

Paragraph To facilitate the service, you will take care to create different spaces on your buffet. For example, plan to dedicate a space to the café by offering cups, thermo hot and sugar. Dividing the spaces will also help not to focus everyone in one place.

Think of those who don't drink coffee

Atomic soda Because everyone does not drink coffee, also plan a space where your guests can have tea after a meal. Do not hesitate to offer two kinds of tea and an infusion.

Let your guests choose

Le Creuset Also think of those who do not like certain foods. To remedy this problem, you can offer your separate meals. Like this cheesecake that you can decorate if you wish with fruit that you have placed in a separate cup.

Play with height

Ikea To give your buffet a look, you have to give it height! For this, do not hesitate to add tall servants who will enhance your fruits, vegetables or appetizers.

Don't forget the decor

Atmosphere & Styles Copyright Michel Gantner Finally, to make your buffet a success, you can give it a theme by starting with a specific dish. And for the decorative touch, we do not forget to install a pretty bouquet of flowers on the table.