10 ideas for hanging lights in the kitchen

10 ideas for hanging lights in the kitchen

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We have fun with the light in the kitchen: whether you come there regularly to cook or dine, whether it is open on the living room or isolated from the rest of your home, in XXL or XXS version, the kitchen is beautiful with pretty suspensions. The editorial team gives you 10 ideas to reproduce at home.

An industrial suspension

Artech Atmosphere large New York loft with these large suspensions which light up the storage of companies… And there again the designers blur the boundaries and bring this phenomenon into the family kitchen. Another good idea to prick them.

A sixties suspension

Patrice Binet The 60's are already far behind us and yet we keep coming back to it. With this pendant light you give a vintage touch to a kitchen in the blink of an eye. A bargain hunt in a flea market or a garage sale.

A two-tone suspension

Ikéa Here too, vintage oriented, we choose it in 2 colors for more fantasy. Red brings the necessary touch of color and transparency, a correct diffusion of light.

A classic pendant light

Ikea More discreet and elegant, our suspensions can also be made contemporary. With a large shade in light fabric, it will seduce the most bourgeois interiors without lacking in modernity.

A suspension that electrifies

Ikéa A beautiful yellow chick, a blood red, an electric blue ... Whatever your favorite color, we dare to buy a suspension of bright color to give pep's to the kitchen. We then play the accessories card with a carpet, a fruit bowl or even a tiling edging… also colored.

A geometric suspension

Ikéa Straight from Japan, origami allows a crossing between mathematics, design, geometry to which is added a touch of poetry specific to Japanese culture. In the kitchen, the pendant light is light and original.

A black (and white) suspension

Ikéa This duo of colors which has already seduced us so much in the decoration of the house, is found suspended in the kitchen. Black and white, for a minimalist and contemporary decor to associate with a kitchen with patterned tiles.

A mirror suspension

Ixina In order to add an original touch to the kitchen, we choose a metal suspension with cutouts, which allows a greater diffusion of light.

A suspension granted

Maisons du Monde From red from floor to ceiling, including chairs, accessories and, of course, the lamp, the flagship of the room. We agree in terms of colors and style for a well-equipped kitchen with original decor.


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