A contemporary style decor in the living room

A contemporary style decor in the living room

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Nothing like a contemporary style living room to combine trend and comfort! Know that this decoration will also be ideal for receiving friends because it is very easy to live with. Here are some inspirations to create a contemporary style at home.

Trendy colors

Dulux Valentine ### To create a contemporary atmosphere, it is not enough to have the right furniture, it is also necessary to choose the right combinations of colors. Timeless and very trendy, gray and taupe can be easily installed on all walls. And to soften a slightly too dark atmosphere, we put on a pretty pink.

A practical style

Goal ### The contemporary style is also very practical and easy to live with. The furniture is clever and allows plenty of storage. Thus the traditional TV cabinet becomes a cabinet that occupies the entire surface of the wall with drawers and shelves.

A clean space

Dulux Valentine ### In contemporary style, don't overdo it! So do not hesitate to make room in your living room by opting for a minimalist decoration. A sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and a carpet are more than enough.

A style that adapts easily

Fly ### Finally, know that the contemporary style adapts to any interior! Besides, if you own a Haussmannian apartment, the contemporary style will enhance it by creating a very decorative difference.