A television, 10 decorative possibilities

A television, 10 decorative possibilities

It is fine to watch television 3h50 on average, from a decorative point of view, we are not fans of its aesthetics. Fortunately, there are solutions adapted to all desires and all budgets to integrate it into the living room without breaking its visual harmony. Here are 10 to inspire you.

Like a mirror

Ikea Directly fixed to the wall, this television has also provided the necessary openings allowing the electrical cables to disappear. Result: a chic and refined look, more worthy of a wall mirror than a TV screen. Besides, to believe its reflections (natural or brought with the help of a stickers), it could almost create the illusion of being oneā€¦

Blending in with TV stand

Ikéa Extra flat format for this TV whose screen is directly integrated very design TV cabinet. Subtle, this solution at the forefront of aesthetics and high-end, should impress more than one.

Like a painting

Ikéa The strong point of this arrangement is its discretion. However, no doors or curtains. Simply electric cables tidy since invisible and a TV screen pressed against the wall a few steps from photo frames of the same format. Or how to go unnoticed without playing hide and seek!

In tone on tone

Ikéa Come on, we swap the classic black television screens for white models. The idea? Make them blend in more with the wall decor, also white. A "tone on tone" effect which deserves to be accentuated by betting on colored furniture, in part or entirely, in white!

Surrounded by greenery

Ikéa To counterbalance the technological contribution of television to the living room, we set it up in a green setting. This should rebalance the decor!

Like a frame

Ikéa Implanted in the heart of a TV stand, the television looks like a nicely framed picture to go upmarket.

Well hidden

Purpose In "on" mode, the television appears in the center of the TV cabinet. In "off" mode, it disappears behind the sliding doors of it. Ingenious to make it disappear from the visual field when nobody!

On a designer piece of furniture

Ikea Television, not very decorative? It depends on which! Wisely brandished above a matching piece of furniture, this proves the opposite. After all, nothing like a latest generation design to change the prejudices of a limited aesthetic from which it is difficult to get rid.

On a fun piece of furniture

Ikéa After a maxi design piece of furniture, here is a 100% whimsical piece of furniture! A more fun way to raise the decor level of television. Ideal in a family room!