Discover our selection of dream dressings

Discover our selection of dream dressings

An additional room in a house or apartment, the dressing room has become a flagship space for some. If you too dream of an impressive wardrobe where everything is accessible in the blink of an eye, the editorial staff has selected 10 breathtaking closets. We discover and get inspired!

A shoe closet

Bullesdemode Handbags and shoes are often what women easily fall for. Here at least where to put them away. All aligned, your shoes are waiting for you to get out of their shelving.

Men's wardrobe

Claude Cartier Men also need to organize themselves: suits, shirts, shoes but also cuff links, watches, ties ... Men are more attractive and pay more attention to their appearance, especially when going to work. They too now have enough to store all their belongings.

An XXL wardrobe

Dressingpascher The dream of many: an XXL dressing room to put an end to overflowing closets, sorting of clothes in each season ... Take advantage of all this space to indulge yourself in the shops.

A practical dressing room

Dressingpascher The secret to successful dressing? It is the multiplication of forms of storage! Rods for jackets, drawers for underwear, hangers for coats and shirts, boxes for accessories ... Everything has its place and you can even leave it open on the rest of the room.

A cheap wardrobe

Ikéa Ikéa also offers us a dressing room for more limited budgets. We slide full of storage in a corner of the room or even on a whole section of wall, some decorative accessories and a large pair of curtains: voila! Carrie Bradshaw has only to be careful!

A star wardrobe

Ikéa But the great Swedish brand also knows how to make us dream with this wardrobe of stars. Armchair, side table, thick carpet. A real fairy tale.

A girly wardrobe

Ikéa A small dressing room for young girls and their mothers. Flowers, spring, toile de Jouy. We personalize our dressing room by customizing the storage boxes with fabric and the decor of the room.

A black and white dressing room

Jamaissansmacravate Duo of elegance par excellence, we find our two favorite colors in the dressing room for a contemporary and very trendy atmosphere. On the ground a carpet allows you to walk barefoot while you dress, without getting cold while the chair gives a good excuse not to throw your clothes on the ground.

A decorative wardrobe

Lluck Before leaving the closet, we think to check that what we wear is not stained or that the colors go well together. For this, a large mirror, or even several and preferably at the bottom are welcome.