Stickers: shadow puppets to stick on the walls!

Stickers: shadow puppets to stick on the walls!

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The most sober version in terms of adhesives are the all black models. Drawing pretty trompe l'oeil silhouettes on the walls, they seduce even the least adept of the "stickers" style. Sorted on the job, here are ten that are unanimous in writing.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Ikéa The bathroom does without mirror and foot of basin. Instead, two frankly playful stickers having fun sowing fantasy.


Ferm Living Hanging from the bathroom window, hanging stickers use the trend of "naked light bulbs" to enhance the atmosphere, without taking the risk of water / electricity.

Trio of clocks

Ikéa Mixture of true and false for these clocks associated with stickers giving them the air of pendulums.

Raised coat rack

Ferm Living The silhouette of a tree standing out against a white background of white, this creates a very natural graphic design. Here, this stickers has even been diverted in a coat rack: a few hooks here and there having been enough to perfect the metamorphosis…

Beauty products

Ikea The bathroom doesn't have pretty bottles to display? With a few stickers in the form of vials of beauty products presented on the shelves of the ladder towel holder, the problem is solved.

Fortified castle

Ferm Living In the children's room, the fairytale castle is drawn in shadow on the wall. What sow the enchantment chic and inexpensive version.

Electric tower

Ferm Living To inject an urban and offbeat touch into the living room, we like this disproportionate electric tower standing out on the horizon… More real than life.

Travel Travel

Ferm Living Invitation to travel with these trunks version Russian dolls, decorating the walls of the living room.

False in the false

Ikéa Draw a silhouette with a black brush to play with the shadow puppets on the wall and mimic the stickers effect, if you are an experienced artist, why not?