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Green decor in the garden in 10 lessons

Green decor in the garden in 10 lessons

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This summer decorate your green setting without missing the planet. Lighting, materials, plants, furniture go green for a garden, a terrace or a balcony with the greatest respect for the environment.

A wall of greenery

Ikea Nature takes possession of the balcony by hanging pots, planters and tubs at different heights, which once flowered, will cover the walls to provide a breath of fresh air.

A pebble alley

Alinea Invite nature to your terrace by reserving a small alley where several pebbles are placed which will give the illusion of being close to the beach.

Grow your vegetables

Paragraph Use your window sills, railings or set aside a small piece of land to grow crunchy vegetables. Guaranteed without pesticides, they will delight the taste buds of your guests!

Greenhouse plants

Maisons du Monde No waste with this greenhouse to grow your plants. While warm, they will grow without fertilizer, soak up the sun and heat to offer the best.

Solar lighting

Ikea Exit electricity, this summer we light up thanks to the sun. Lamps, garlands and bollards will light up your nights!

A wooden terrace

Alinéa Add a natural touch to your terrace by covering it with wood. This warm and natural material par excellence will add an exotic spirit that will delight the garden.

Bamboo furniture

Maisons du monde Declare your garden furniture in natural materials. Bamboo, rattan, wood ... are to be preferred and will integrate all the more in your garden.

Games of yesteryear to amuse children

Maisons du Monde Put away the PlayStation and other game consoles and invite the children to the garden to let them discover old wooden games that will amuse them.

Nature invites itself everywhere

Paragraph On the walls and even at the table, nature interferes in every corner.


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