6 essentials for decorating your baby's room

6 essentials for decorating your baby's room

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The essentials to enhance your little one's bedroom! Discover our selection of useful accessories that play the decorative card.

Bed veils to dress the cradle

Vertbaudet ** Because the baby bed is synonymous with rest, well-being and sleep, it must be full of sweetness. To accentuate this spirit, we delicately frame the space with two net curtains: tenderness at will. **

Stickers full of fantasy

Mimi'Lou ** Brighten up the walls in the baby's room without spending too much, it's possible. A choice of funny or poetic adhesives will do the trick: a star garland, a school of fish, a flight of butterflies, toy cars… **

Soft patterns for bed linen

Vertbaudet ** Another essential decoration in the newborn's bedroom is bed linen! We want it in pastel tones, more soothing at nap time and nicely adorned with fine and delicate patterns (little sheep, flowers and tree ...), just like baby's fragility. **

A mobile above the cradle

Trousselier ** Comfortably installed in their cozy nest, newborns do more than sleep: they observe, watch, awaken to the world around them. A mobile suspended above the cradle is therefore an ideal accessory to introduce them to colors, movements and shapes, especially since its playful aspect makes it a real decorative addition. **


Vertbaudet ** To ensure the sleep of the little ones at nap time, it is essential to immerse their room in the dark. When you don't have shutters, you turn to curtains or blinds to cover the windows. And to play the decorative card, nothing beats a choice in the same colors as the room and childish patterns that set the tone. **