The underwater world reinvents the decor

The underwater world reinvents the decor

Corals, fish, shellfish and crustaceans ... This summer, vacation or not, the decor will be twenty thousand places under the sea!

Fish Bank

Geneviève Lethu In cork, this row of fish forms a trivet as pretty as it is original. Everything to beautifully accompany our summer menus!


Zara Home Chic, this "coral" vase! The underwater decor presents its most beautiful inspirations…

Aquatic creatures

Zara Home This summer, for sure, fish and octopus will be on the plate! Instead, admire this chic tableware with colors that are both soft and sunny!

Fish bone

Geneviève Lethu Here is a nice trivet in the shape of an edge, perfect for emphasizing the marine atmosphere of the table decor…


Zara Home With these "starfish" candles, you will bring a marine touch to your lighting. Perfect to satisfy summer cravings for beach and fine sand!

Fish roe

Anne-Emmanuelle Thion A bowl overflowing with fish eggs? A perfect accessory with a marine-inspired table decoration.

Small shells

Zara Home In these pretty sugar bowls, no sweets but a collection of seashells picked up on the beach! A 100% natural touch for these accessories which inevitably makes us fall in love.

Porcupine fish

Geneviève Lethu This pretty carafe looks like porcupine fish. Round shape, cobalt blue color ... this more than elegant decanter will not go unnoticed on your table!

School of fish bis

Spoiler Small holes, small holes, always small holes. Here are candle holders delicately pierced with small holes taking the form of a school of mini fish. Candle lighting reveals a subtle marine touch.