The latest wallpaper trends 2013-2014

The latest wallpaper trends 2013-2014

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The association for the promotion of wallpaper "A3P" has just posted the latest trends in wallpaper. On the program: trompe l'oeil effects, vintage patterns and fine English-inspired flowers.

The gingham pattern for a decor with fifties accents

A3P- Rasch The gingham pattern is making a big comeback. In the acidulous colors it carries your decor 60 years back.

Sweet sixties

A3P- Rasch Sky blue is the flagship color of this season. Here, the wallpaper takes on this hue but in a woven version that lets a fabric effect shine through.

The 1960s in the style of the flower

A3P- Graham and Brown For a more feminine version of the 60s, the wallpaper displays large blue flowers which are inspired by the very Swinging London aesthetic.

A Garden of Eden style wallpaper

A3P-Montecolino Fauna and flowers are riding the trend to create sweet living and delicate colors for your decor. In this garden reigns beauty, charm and poetry.

Fine English flowers

A3P-Montecolino Nature takes back its rights and invests the wall with this wallpaper which displays a very "Liberty" air. Revisited and corrected with style, it still charms the decor as much.

Stylized geometric patterns

A3P- Graham and Brown Geometrically inspired, prints enliven the room. With a retro spirit, with precise and graphic lines, the wallpaper offers an incomparable volume to your decor.

A library wall

A3P-As creation Murano The English club style, both very cozy and chic, brings a masculine touch to the decor.

A library wall

A3P- Lutece The English club style, both very cozy and chic, brings a masculine touch to the decor.

A bouquet of roses for your decor

A3P- Taffanie Zambaiti Saturated colors radiate the decor. Fuchsia, raspberry and pale roses express tenderness and candor.

A very masculine wallpaper

Koziel Very dandy in appearance, this trompe l'oeil wallpaper displays a profusion of white papers for an office writing spirit.


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